Subject: Wish Lists? (John's Mexico travelogue)
Hello John and all Ziners.

Thank you, John, for your great travelogue on these areas. A trip around parts of Mexico have long been on our list of Travel Wishes and your writings just reminded us that we must do that SOON! 2003 is already organised - Cuba in the Spring and a more local Canadian trip in the fall(parts of BC and Alberta) - and unfortunately we only seem to be able to get away twice a year but the Spring of 2004 is definitely Mexico.

My husband, Bob, and I went there over 30 years ago shortly after we met and have never been back. That time we went to Mexico City, to Acapulco, to Cuernevaca? and to Taxco. We had a wonderful time and talk still about the beautiful places we stayed (in spite of the fact that we were travelling with Frommers on $10 a day)!!- long gone I'm sure.

Perhaps we will go to the Colonial cities that John wrote about though it would be nice to have a little time on the coast also. Not sure if we would be able to combine those 2 wishes in one itinerary.

Anyway, I'll be looking for some help about a year from now.

I'd love to know whether other Ziners keep Wish Lists for travel and the countries and cities and areas you have on those lists. Do they keep changing as we get more and more wonderful ideas from this group? We keep adding to ours!!

Judy, Abbotsford BC Canada