Subject: Re: itinerary help - Venezia to Cinque Terre
Hello Jeanie

I can't help about the out of Italy part, but I guess you should reschedule part of your itinerary. Verona is on the rail line coming down from Munich to Venice, so a stop there before going to Venice makes sense. From Venice to Cinque Terre you have to go either via Milano - Genova (in this case you can day-stop in Verona on the way), or via Bologna - Firenze. In both cases, because Pisa is much more southern than Cinque Terre, you should go there before and then come back up to Cinque Terre, Genova and Milan/Switzerland. If I were you, I'd choose to go this way: Munich-Verona-Venice-Pisa (via Florence)-Cinque Terre-Milan (Switzerland).

Maybe other Ziners had do a similar itineray in the past?

Bye all

Paolo Trieste, Italy