Subject: Re: Travel destinations without your usual travel partner?
Dear Frances and Ziners,

Without my usual partner, my husband Kurt, I think I would go to more islands and beaches. Before I knew him, I often made trips to the Caribbean, and there are many islands that I haven't visited, but would like to. Kurt is not fond of beach vacations, and I would like one, every now and then.

We sometimes go to New Jersey or Florida for family-related trips, and hit the beach, but they can't compare to the French West Indies or the coast of Mexico!

Without me, I think Kurt would be exploring more of Europe. I'm stuck on England, France and Italy, and he would like to see Spain and Germany, neither of which calls to me very loudly.

That said, I don't like to go ANYWHERE without Kurt. I miss him when he's at work, so I am happy to go to the places he and I both agree on, and leave the rest to maybe he'll want to someday!

Good Thread, Debbie in Pittsburgh