Subject: Re: Regent Palace &Regent Hotel
Debbie wrote....Dear Tom,

I checked the address of this hotel (THE REGENCY HOTEL LONDON One Hundred Queen's Gate, London, SW7 5AG) and it is indeed The Regency Palace Hotel. This is a huge old hotel, and many folks feel it is not worth the money asked.

Sorry, Debbie, you must have mis-read the info. The Regency Hotel is located at 100 Queens Gate in London but.....the Regent Palace in located on Glass House St. at Piccadilly Circus. I've stayed several times at the Regent Palace &it is, indeed, old, noisy, shabby, crowded, &usually full of school groups. That said, it is still a good value. It is walking distance to the theatre district (and I don't walk very far!) You can get a room with a toilet &shower but it is very tiny..kinda like on a train. My rule of thumb is if I can get the Regent Palace for $75 or under, I take it. Otherwise I look for another hotel.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR sunny & 60 degrees today