Subject: Royal Olympic cruises.

George and I were on the Voyager in 2001. We went in late May and the 7 day cruise went to Santorini, Rhodes and Mykonos in Greece, 2 days Egypt (side trip to the pyramids) and Istanbul and Ephessus in Turkey. They called it the Three Continent Cruise. New ship. We loved every minute. They had speakers before each port so you had a bit of history as background before going ashore. The tour guides were well informed and friendly.

Greek registry also meant the best dockage available in Rhodes (right by the old town gates)

George speaks greek, so we became friendly with the maitre d'hotel and the desk. The food was okay ( we've had better in other cruise lines) but it was better than average.

We enjoyed the spaciouness of the cabins. We had a bay window that gave us killer views at each port of call. Photographer was good. Shops were good. There is gambling on board (I never saw anyone playing in the casino)

We did not have any noise complaints but we did hear other passengers say that the engines were a bit noisy. But, considering how fast the ship travels, it could explain some of the noise from the engines.

Also, we booked it through an agent in Athens and found that she gave us the best price for the cabin we wanted.

Enjoy, Turkey was fabulous, I would return in a heart beat. We are planning Italy - France for 2003 though. What are the ports of call (16 days I think you said)??

Regards Marta & George Tamarac FL