Subject: Toronto GTG - what we can remember.
Hi Ziners,

As several of us did last April, the Toronto GTG met at Connections Bar & Grill Churrasqueira Portuguesa on St.Clair at Lansdowne to share food, travel stories and a little sangria on November 24. Seventeen keener zeeners arrived to enjoy the company of like-minded travelers. Those is attendance were: Cheri & Alex Boros Frances West Judy Schapira Muriel Auwaerter Katherine & Art Harris Linda & Don Freedman Etta & Paul Anisef Felice & Simon Strauss Catherine & Alan Gardner Minna & Howard Stern

Yes, it was an odd number # some odder than others! General consensus...a good time was had by all.

With a group of 17, we always try to change seats at least once during the meal. Halfway through the meal (between the Portuguese chicken and the seafood and rice) Linda suggested that the women and the men sit separately. The girls were having fits laughing at massage stories. They promised to share with TheTravelzine if prompted, so this is the prompt. Minna, Judy, please share! Linda said the subject should be: Massages Abroad - no pun intended. By the way, the guys had another idea for an interesting thread, Where would we want to go if we were traveling solo? Frances has already grabbed that one and started to run with it. Do you suppose that the conversation makes it clear that that there was plenty of Sangria to go around?

More conventional discussions included the best places to travel for foodies. Northern Italy won by a nose, with strong support for Vietnam (maybe another thread idea there). Another possible thread # if money were no impediment, where would you go to spend a year? New Zealand was first past the post on that one.

Another destination that intrigued is Argentina # is this the best time to visit (because it's cheap) or the worst (because of the financial chaos)? Nobody had been there recently, but if you go, be sure to take in Iguassu Falls.

The Middle East also came up, from several directions. Surprisingly, Iran was a popular destination # those who hadn't travelled there seemed to know people who had. And all the reports were good (except the food # and no wine). Also, Petra in Jordan was a solid favourite too # and Jordan seemed to be the safest place to travel in the Middle East. Nobody was planning to visit Iraq! But (non-editorial comment), travel can only help in understanding the issues.

So, next GTG in Isfahan?

Catherine & Alan Gardner