Subject: Re: Peru and Bolivia
Hello Tuija and Tarja,

my memories of Peru and Bolivia are 15 years old, but they were refreshed last week by a slide show put together by some friends who were there last summer.

Cannot help about the weather, as I was there on February and it didn't rain at all, but mist and dampness are always present on high plateaus. Aguas Calientes is connected by rail only, the Urubamba river valley is too narrow for both the railroad and a car road or even a trail. I got there in the afternoon, but you need to take the local trains (slow, jammed with locals and their animals) and not the tourist train. From Aguas Calientes it is a half hour walk along the tracks to Puente Ruinas, the departure point for minibuses to Machu Picchu. If you get there early, you skip the crowds coming by the tourist train at mid morning. Because of bad weather I missed the Jungle trip then; I've heard Puerto Maldonado is a known tourist spot now, so what you want is a quick look at the Amazons without too much hassle you can have it there. A package tour is suggested because of limited air connections available. I spent one week in Boliivia too, around La Paz valley and in Oruro for the Mardi Gras; we had some plans for visiting the Salares, but time didn't work for us. I warmly suggest you to visit Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca, such a peaceful and scenic spot, and the white town of Arequipa, if it's on your way to Cuzco. On the other hand I was a bit disappointed by Tiwanako archeological site and the ruins around Cuzco, except Sachsahuaman. If you have any question I'll be happy to help.

Bye, Paolo Trieste, Italy