Subject: Re: Florence Dining
This may be a little late for whoever asked the original question but just being back from Firenze (our travelogue will be posted soon and much thanks to all who contributed to our wonderful Italian adventure) we followed Don & Linda's recomendations and ate at Buca Lapi (the best meal of our two week trip) and La Mammerema. Both were exceptional but Buca Lapi was the equivalent of any restaurant we have eaten in anywhere (and we eat out a bunch).

I wish I could tell you where it was located but I can tell you that it is about halfway between the Duomo and train station. We had the wild boar, the tuscan bread soup and some of the best wine ever. The ambiance is wonderful and you can watch them cook in the kitchen while you are waiting for a table. This is a true dining experience.

Jim & Kathleen in Redmond WA