Subject: Essentials
Hello Fellow Travelers:

What is the one thing that you simply cannot travel without? Not luggage, tickets or hotel reservations, but rather that one little item that to you is indispensable. My companions tell me that I pout if I've forgotten my cellphone, but my favorite gadget is the Leatherman or similar tool. I used mine in a restaurant in France to assist a young waitress who had brought wine to a rather obnoxious customer, but had forgotten the corkscrew. Mine had a corkscrew which I immediately volunteered (of course, Jan would say), but it has been valuable elsewhere. We opened cans of tuna in the midst of the Amazon with it; I repaired a leaky radiator with it in France; I have adjusted ski bindings in Switzerland; and with it I created the proper size red wine glass from an Evian water bottle at a picnic in Portugal. I am looking forward to the day I can completely disassemble a Mini-Cooper in England with it. Alas, airline restrictions mean I have to buy one every time I take a trip, but that's just the cost of travel. ;-)

Tom in Carlisle.