Subject: Re: Essentials
Greetings Ziners;

My one essential item (other than the obvious) is my combination compass, whistle, temperature gauge and magnifier. It is only about 1 by 2 1/2 long on a clip. I bought it at the local Walmart in the camping section for about $3.50. I especially use the compass when traveling and get turned around during my explorations. I find that most cities have a river and as long as I know which side of the river I'm on, I can always find my way back to it. It was most helpful driving in Ireland with the winding roads and torn down street signs, that do I make a right or left decisions was frequently left up to my compass. The whistle is great protection as a woman sometimes wondering around by myself too. Being over 40, my eyesight is less than perfect and the magnifying glass comes in helpful with that small print on my map.

Snowing big time in the NC foothills,