Subject: Re: Florence day trips
Hi all.

In response to Debbie and Kurt in Pittsburgh's request for day trips from Firenze, let me first note that we never have rented a car in Italy. I rank the idea of driving in Firenze somewhere between root canals and driving in Naples.

If I were to rank our day trips, I would say that Fiesole (which is the most accessible, since it is a local bus trip), Siena, and San Gimignano (which I don't think anyone mentioned) would be in the top class, with no particular order, and Lucca and Bologna would be in a second one, though perhaps due to the fact that we went there at times when the shops were closed.

Thanks to those who suggested Arezzo. We are starting plans for out next trip and would like to see some place we haven't seen before.

Ira H. Bernstein