Subject: Re: Essentials
Hello Fellow Duct Tape Users:

The owner of a Ferrari GT convertible and I were driving it from Massachusetts to Georgia where it was to be left. We had a grand time driving in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but that is another story. We had stopped at a restaurant on a major highway to grab some takeout. When we got back to the car a woman in a well worn little station wagon was parked beside us with her radiator hoses leaking. There was a garage next to the restaurant, but she probably couldn't afford the charges. She looked at us and said, I don't suppose you fellas have got any duct tape? Then looking at the car, she added, I guess not. I opened the Ferrari's trunk, produced a rather large roll of the stuff and told her, You drive a Ferrari, you need duct tape. Whereupon, she took about 6 feet, repaired her radiator hose and happily drove off. Don't leave home without it.

Tom taped to his desk in Carlisle