Subject: Travelling with a baby
Hallo all,

I'm Simona from Torino, north of Italy. It's been a really long time since I've not been writing a line. I used to be really busy with my work, and now that I am a mother I really have no time at all (I'm already working). But I'm sure that some of you still remember about me ;-)

Ok, I have a question for you, regarding travelling with a baby and the jet lag problems.

I've been invited for a carribean cruise next march, and my baby at that time will be 7 months.

My doubt is: will my baby suffer with the jet lag, concerning sleeping/awakness and concerning the time for food?

Do you have any experience about it?

Do you think it is not recommandable to travel so far with a small baby for such a few period ( a week)?

Consider that he sleeps all the night and he usually eats at right times, that is he has a regular life (he's now 4 months).

I'd like to read your opinion and your experiences.

Thanks a lot.

Ciao Simona