Subject: Re: Where can I get this in Italy ????
Hi Fernando,

> So maybe you guys can help me on where
> to get some stuff... I've decided to be
> Godfather to my little new cousin in
> Mexico and down here it's a tradition
> to dress the child up in some kind of
> white dress with a little white cap and
> all that is called ''Ropon in Mexico...
> one also has to buy something like a kit
> that contains a Rosario (which is like
> a little cross with a chain)

This is existing in several religions (sometimes without the cross, of course) and is meant to support meditative prayers: for every pearl of the chain you say a little prayer; in Roman churches you should be able to see old women do this around 6PM.

> and also a
> little book...

A Bible or a prayer book or something else? Try to figure that out. Then: which language of the book do you need?

> now this being a very
> catholic tradition I figured that maybe
> I could bring from Italy the so called
> Ropon... the question is....

I don't think that they will call it Ropon in Italy and I am not sure if you will get a kit with all these things included.

> Where could I find this stuff in italy??
> We'll be visiting Rome, Florence, Milan
> and Venice... with some daytrips...

> Any ideas????

Try in Rome the street between Largo Argentina and S. Maria Sopra Minerva. This is very close to the Pantheon and you will certainly get there if you do the main sightseeing in Rome. There are shops in this street which are specialized on catholic religious articles.

Around the Vatican near St. Peter's you should find something as well.

If you don't find what you need, ask the people in the shops.

Enjoy Italy!

Kind Regards, Johannes Haltern am See, Germany