Subject: Re: Travelling with a baby
To Simona:

In October my seat mates from Milano to Chicago were a young mother from Sicily and her eight-month old daughter. Added to their travel-time was the early morning flight from Sicily. The baby was delightful. Stewardesses fawned over her, heating bottles, baby food, and bringing the small crib for a nap. Although a lot of energy was required from the mother for frequent walks around visiting friendly passengers, one couple took the baby onto their laps and entertained her for a period.

The three of us were cozy up against the bulkhead, particularly when the crib was on the floor. I surprisingly did not mind having 10 inches footroom or even holding my dinner tray out in the aisle when baby got interested in it. I had the aisle seat so I popped up and down to let them out often and I think the activity made the flight much less painful than usual. Mother and baby slept peacefully for a good long nap.

Compared to American babies, Italian babies are happiest around numbers of smiling faces. I agree that seven months is a perfect time to travel.

I still remember when I took my new baby and my two-year-old son on the Streamliner from Chicago to Oklahoma. In the dining car I was suddenly astonished to see an expansive potato salad fresco that my son had finger-painted on the picture window!

Jane Estus