Subject: Plane travel with a toddler
Hello Ziners,

While we are on the topic of travelling with babies, I'd like to ask about a little older group. My son-in-law is going from Toronto to Amsterdam with his 4-1/2 yr. old son for the first time, and I would like to pack a little back pack to make the flight easier for both of them.

So far I have thought of: -little bags of snack food, like Cheerios or Nuts and Bolts -a refillable drink bottle -a few pieces of hard candy for taking off and landing -a book he hasn't seen before -a pad and markers -maybe a couple of little cars -identification--home and destination

Is there anything obvious that I have missed? I'll probably give his father a Gravol that he can give to help make him drowsy.

Thank you, Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario