Subject: Re: Plane travel with a toddler
Hi Nancy and Ziners,

I am sure the little guy will love the backpack! As a parent of a young child, though, I get nervous when I see hard candy on potentially bumpy rides. Other than that, the items are terrific. A few suggestions (one of my sons is 5 so I am familiar with the play habits of the species): a bunch of little rubber/plastic dinosaurs, a little box of Legos. (When we were in Spain last year, we found a store that had cheap Legos--paid maybe $2 each for a few little boxes--my kids played with them for hours on the train rides.) And--if his father approves--a handheld game player. I realize some people object to these, but we only use ours on long trips. (One of my favorite photos from our vacation in Europe is of my two younger sons huddled with another boy playing GameBoy. They didn't speak the same language, but had no problem communicating.)

JoAnne, mother of 4 high-energy travelers in sunny Silicon Valley