Subject: Re: Travelling with children
Dear Simona and Nancy,

We have travelled with our son since he was 4 months old. Every age has its challenges, but I wouldn't trade travel for anything!

Simona, the only additional baby advice I would give is make sure he is hydrated. Joe experienced bad constipation at 9 months after an SF-Milano flight. Also, your son might change his eating a bit. Joe refused to eat any of the baby food I brought on the trip - baby cereals, a few jars of veggies. If you are not breastfeeding, bring enough of his regular formula to last the trip, since brands of formula change from country to country. The jet lag is not so bad, a few nights at most.

Nancy, for preschool age kids, I thought my husband was crazy when he bought a Gameboy for our son last summer, but I was wrong. Between some books, a few cars, the Gameboy and a CD player with music he likes, we made it through an SF-Rome flight with a 4 1/2 year old with much less trouble than I expected!

Travelling with children can be an adventure - but they become so far ahead of their peers in so many important areas. Let's not forget the recent National Geographic survey about Americans and their poor grasp of geography!

Ciao, Kristy S.F.