Subject: Memorable train trips
Hi Ziners,

The other day on the train back from Montreal I was thinking about other rail trips.

I like trains. Last time we were in Europe we took the Thalys, the TGV (that bang! when two trains each going 300 km per hour pass each other) and the Eurostar from Paris to Ashford, Kent. But two train journeys stand out.

About 20 years ago, Richard, our then-three year old daughter and I took the train through the Rocky Mountains. The scenery was fabulous, especially in the dome car. We had the fun of sleeping in a section sleeper, bunks converted from our daytime seats with privacy curtains, just like in the old movies! A retired railway worker riding the train pointed out natural wonders and engineering marvels.

In Europe I recommend the Bernina Express from Tirano, Italy through the Bernina Pass. This narrow-gauge train climbs through vineyards and alpine valleys and across viaducts. Gorgeous scenery and a cute little red train! We travelled to Klosters for a brief respite from our busy vacation.

The four hour train trip between Montreal and Toronto isn't in that category although there is some nice views of Lake Ontario!

What are your favorite trains? Memorable experiences?

Frances Toronto, Canada