Subject: Re: Where can I get this in Italy ????
Hi Fernando!

If you are looking for religious items in Rome, definitely check the shops on via della Conciliazione, right in front of St. Peter's Church. Coming from the church, the first shop on the right (at the beginning of the colums) is the biggest and has a good choice (Puff Daddy spent almost $1000 there a year ago!). Another big shop with good choice is at the end of the street, going to Castel St. Angelo. You can't miss them! They have the largest choice of 'rosario' (don't know how to call it in English), and for sure they can tell you where to go for other things. The other place suggested by Johannes is a bit different... that's more like a shop for priests, but you might be able to find the white dress. Hope this helps! Ciao

Flavio in Rome

PS: when will you be in Rome? GTG?