Subject: Re: Plane travel with a toddler
Hi Joanne and Kristy,

>I get nervous when I see hard candy on potentially bumpy rides.

Gum would work too but I don't think he has ever had any.

>bunch of little rubber/plastic dinosaurs, a little box of Legos

I thought of that, but when things fall on the floor there is hardly room in plane seats to bend over and retrieve them.

> GameBoy

I am going out tomorrow to look into this. I've heard of them but always thought they plugged into a TV or computer. I guess I was thinking of Nintendo. This is an excellent suggestion and I could give it to him a week before he goes so that he can catch on to it, but not far enough ahead that he would be tired of it.

>we made it through an SF-Rome flight with a 4 1/2 year old with much less trouble than I expected!

Kristy, you are very brave to go that far with a 4 1/2 yr. old! Toronto to Amsterdam is more than I would tackle.

>Travelling with children can be an adventure - but they become so far ahead of their peers in so many important areas.

Thanks for the reminder. When he visits me we can spend some time looking at maps and talking about Holland. Maybe it is time for a globe for Christmas.

Thanks to both of you, Nancy