Subject: Re: Memorable Train Trips
Hello Ziners,

I have had a number of train trips throughout the world, among the most memorable has to be a trip I took with a rail tour company in Pakistan. We had our own railcar which we travelled in. The car was attached to local trains. We started in Karachi and made stops in Hyderabad, Moenjodaro, Quetta, Charman, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad and Pesharwar. We made side trips from the train to many other areas, including Thar Desert, Amritsar in India, Taxila and Kyber Pass. We also survived a kidnap attempt on the route between Charman and Quetta.

Other memorable journeys: Jungle Railway in Malaysia, trip across Turkey from Istanbul to Erzurum, rail travel in Iran and being able to buy all the berths in a compartment for $20US, four day journey from Shanghai to Urumqi, and other trips in China, overnight train journey between Moscow and St Petersburg, rail from Beijing to Moscow with stop in Moscow and an overnight train journey in India with steam engine and being covered with black soot in the morning.

Gary Victoria BC