Subject: Memorable Train Trips
Hi Ziner,

One of my most memorable train trips came about quite by accident. I took the train from Toulouse, France to a village called, if memory serves, La Tour de Carroll. From here I was told I could take a bus at noon to Andorra. Well this was, in a word, wrong. The bus had left at 10AM and I was not on it. I was presented with the option of returning to Tolouse or walking 50 meters down the track to Spain and catching a train to Barcelona. So Barcelona it was.

Well the train I got on was very, very local. It stopped whenever someone waved their hand beside the track and generally chugged along at 30 to 40 km/hour. It was great. All the windows were open and with each long twisting tunnel we entered total blackness and chilling air raced through the cars. A local lady shared her blanket which she had brought along being a regular of the journey. The train trundled through the mountains and took approximatley 4 hours to make the 120 kms to Barcelona. I was in no hurry so it didn't really matter and I was enjoying the ride.

Cheers Jude