Subject: Re: Memorable Train Trips
Hi Rail Buffs,

Two train trips stand out in my mind:

1. My first true journey by rail was from Ljubljana, Slovenia down the Sava River to Zagreb, Croatia. Very picturesque terrain with every small farm and house having a cabbage patch adjacent to it. The biggest cabbages I've ever seen.

2. Riding the overnight train from Temuco, Chile to Santiago. The train itself had been built in Germany in the 1930's. As we climbed on the train we thought we'd walked into a time warp. Because it was evening we were unable to enjoy the scenery. Instead I spent several hours helping the conductor with his English studies. He had approached me with a folded piece of paper filled with words and phrases in English with their Spanish translations. The next morning I gave the gentleman my English-Spanish dictionary which I'm confident will get plenty of use.

We enjoy the low stress of train travel and take advantage of it whenever we can.

John in San Diego