Subject: Re: Memorable Train Trips

One such trip comes to mind. My husband and I were spending 2 weeks in our favorite city on Earth, Paris.

One day proved to be rainy and misty so we decided to take the TGV to Bordeaux, a new experience for us. We would have lunch, roam a bit and return in early evening. The day went without a hitch but our return trip was full of intrigue.

A young, very tall young woman boarded the train to sit in front of us. She spent most of the time on her cell phone and had a few conversations with a uniformed train employee.Shortly, she grabbed her huge tote and disappeared toward the front of the train. About 45 minutes later she returned, hair dyed a very deep black, a complete change of clothing including her coat,and spent the remainder of the trip on her cell phone again. Having read many spy novels, we constructed several scenarios about her behavior. She disembarked to be met by several men and vanished.

We will never know.... Regards, Helen