Subject: Re: Travelling with a toddler
Hi Ziners!

We have a 3-year-old who has flown across the Atlantic (Paris-DC or Paris-Miami via DC) about a dozen times (since he was 1). Some flights he's done better than others; some he slept a fair bit, others he's been awake the entire trip. Sometimes he's been no trouble at all, others he's been a little devil. In other words, he's a typical, unpredictable toddler.

We try to get bulkhead seats (my wife's premium flyer status usually helps us get these seats) so Charlie doesn't bother people in front of us (like pushing or kicking the seat) and with more leg room, he can sometimes fall asleep on the floor. We bring his car seat for him to sit in.

We bring crayons and paper for him to draw, and a board with magnets of different shapes and colors. In addition we bring several books and a couple of stuffed animals and finger puppets. And of course we bring his blanket and pacifier in hopes he'll sleep.

In addition we bring some food in case he doesn't eat the airline meal (maybe a tupperware containter of his favorite pasta), as well as some treats, such as apples and oranges. No hard candy or gum.

We're flying home this week. We'll see how he does this time! (I always keep my fingers crossed!)

Bons voyages!

Evan in Paris