Subject: Introduction - New Member in Wisconsin
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Janet!


My name is Janet, and I travel mostly in the United States with my family.Because we live in a travel destination -- we are in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, which is Mecca for some NFL football gans, and just a few miles south of Door County -- we like to search out places that are unlike home. Not tourist hotspots, that is. We made an exception this year with a trip to California that included a visit to Disneyland for our 7-year-old son's benefit. (Verdict: Legoland was better.) We also travel to places that have multiple appeals -- mine for food and scenery, and my husband's for athletics and inline skating. We enjoy an annual trip to Duluth so my husband can skate in the NorthShore Inline Marathon. The only trips I've taken beyond the US were to Canada -- the Lake Superior Circle Drive -- and Jamaica. We'd like to do more, but only after we've looked around the US more.

Janet Green Bay, Wis.