Subject: Re: Memorable Train Trips
Hi Ziners,

My friend and I, travelling on a student Eurail pass, missed each other at the train staion in Zurich. We had had a general idea of going to Frankfurt to take a Rhine cruise, but at the train station there, I met a couple of American G.I.'s who persuaded me to go to Berlin. In the dead of night the overnight train was stopped at the East German border and a burly jackbooted guard with gun slung over his shoulder entered the compartment. While he was bending down to look under the seats, my hefty knapsack (aluminum frame and all) toppled from the overhead shelf and onto his head. Horrrors! He jumped up, gun in hand. The old couple on the opposite seat tried to make themselves even more invisible, while he stared at my stricken face.The tableau is frozen forever in memory. Eventually he straightened up, shrugged, and gave us back our passports. I had a wonderful time in Berlin.

I love the train, Dolores St. John's, Newfoundland