Subject: Re: Memorable train trips

My most memorable train trip was supposed to be a short one from Chicago to Milwaukee. I had spent a long weekend with my cousin from Orlando in Chicago. My plan was to take the train to Milwaukee and then walk the three blocks to the bus station where I would catch the last bus to Appleton. I had 45 minutes to do this. About half way to Milwaukee the train stopped and started to go backwards. Someone went to find out what happened and came back with news that the train had hit something. It turned out that it was not a something but a someone. (I found out later that this was not an uncommon occurance on this run.) Not only did the train stop but it was not allowed to move until the coroner came. Finally another train came by and took all of the passengers to Milwaukee. Needless to say, I missed my connection. My husband was teaching that night and my daughter had just gotten her driver's license so I did not want her to drive down to get me. Amtrack was less than helpful. I knew that there were no more buses north that night and there were no car rentals open downtown. I started to take a cab to the airport. The cabby said that he would drive me home (90 miles) for $110. At first I said no but as I thought about it, it occured to me that by the time I paid for the cab to airport, rented a car or flew, it would cost me that much or more. He agreed to drive me home for $80. Not my most picturesque train trip but my most memorable.

Michele Missner Appleton, Wi.