Subject: Re: Memorable train trips
Hi Ziners, My most memorable train trip was in the mid 60's - I was around 10 yrs old. My family & I went on vacation from NYC to Los Angeles. In those days one took a train from NYC to Chicago and changed trains to the El Capitan that went from Chicago to LA. The train from NY to Chicago was an upgraded subway car. The snack bar was lit with a light bulb hanging from a wire. The rest of the journey on the El Capitan was like a luxury hotel on rails. White linen tableclothes, seats upstairs, bathroom facilities downstairs. Imagine the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where it goes from black & white to color. That was how different the two trains were.

Time for an honorable mention? My wife & I were going from Birmingham to Stratford upon Avon in England. It was a relatively minor train route apparently. I think we were the only ones on the 2 car train, aside from the driver. We came to a red light and the driver waited for several minutes. Finally he picked up the phone and rang a dispatcher (presumably). Within a few seconds the light changed to green, and we were on our way.