Subject: Alaska - Cruise - First Timers
Hi Ziners.......

My wife and I have done a fair amount of travelling but we have never cruised. Seeing that next year is a special anniversary we booked an Alaskan Cruise for June 2003.

We booked Holland America as it seems to cater to the over 50 crowd.

My wife was concerned about the two formal nites and from reading reviews it seems that a woman can get away dressing in a nice black dress w/pearls and you don't have to go to the expense of a gown--am I right?

The question I would like advice on - is with reference to the shore excursions. Reading reviews it seems that some folks book on the ship others say don't do it as the weather could be foul and it is best to book from the agents on the shore. What do you think?

If anyone has been to Skagway, Juneau or Ketchican and can recommend any shore excursions - I sure would like to hear their comments.

My other concern was with regard to dis-embarkation - the ship arrives in Vancouver at 8AM and I have booked a flite back home which leaves Vancouver, BC at 12:30PM - have I allowed enough time (I am not familiar with the dis-embarkation or the City of Vancouver)to easily get to Vancouver airport and catch our flite home?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer...

Dave Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada