Subject: Re: Alaska - Cruise - First Timers
Dear Ziners, and Dave from Winnipeg,

Regarding the cruise to Alaska, I did this with my folks, some years ago, with Holland America. I was under 50 at the time, and found that there are people of all ages, but mostly are over 50 as you said. However, there are also newly weds and others. I loved the cruise. We booked on the ship to go to the on-shore excursions. You can do that before the ship arrives at the port and by then, you should know what the weather is like. It seems to rain a lot on Ketchikan, and when we were there, it surely did. We did take the shore excursion offered and it was OK. Being from Vancouver, Ketchikan is not very different from our area, but for others the excursion must have been more memorable. We did take a shore excursion to visit the glacier, but in Sitka (a wonderful little town) we went around on our own, visiting the Orthodox church, museum and even seeing a Russian dancing show. I would not book the shore excursions beforehand, but would wait after sailing and just before the deadline before the ship arrives at the port. If you feel that the weather is not good and prefer to stay on the ship, then that is OK. However, I would go ashore regardless of the weather, since how often will you go back to the same area again, if ever? Regards, Helio in Vancouver