Subject: Naples, Italy in March 2003
Hi Ziners,

Richard and I booked a short vacation for the first week of March in Naples. Alitalia holidays has some good specials on flight plus hotel. The cheapest packages have five nights in a 3 star hotel plus flight for $599USD (not including those pesky flight extras!). For this price, you can choose from Rome, Florence or Naples. Obviously the better hotels cost more. ($899 Canadian)

Prices are in effect until mid-March. You can add extra days and stay wherever you please for the extra days.

Any chance of a gtg in Naples? We arrive on Saturday March 1st.

I will be looking for a recommendation for a great budget but fabulous trattoria in Naples! We are looking forward to seeing Pompeii, Herculaneum, the archeological museum in Naples and Paestum. We hope to take the local bus along the Amalfi coast road. So much to do, so little time!

Frances Toronto, Canada