Subject: Travel planning during uncertain times
Hi Ziners,

Please note that this is a great thread for discussion on TheTravelzine as well.

Forwarded by Moderator - Please help Carol with your responses:

Hi Linda, I have another favor to ask if you and the Ziners are game. I'm preparing to do an end-of-the-year column on travel planning during uncertain times, and I'm wondering if you could post a request for Ziners to contact me with their thoughts.

Last year at this time, people where thinking of terrorism and that was impacting some people's travel plans. This year it's a potential war with Iraq.

I'm interested in specific things people are doing regarding travel plans in light of a possible war and other uncertainties - whether or not certain destinations may be perceived as safe or unsafe if there is a war and terrorism threats escalate; whether or not United will keep flying, for instance; the uncertainty of the economy, even the possibility of cruise ship viruses. Are they reconsidering destinations or picking new ones? Are they taking out travel insurance? Are they coming up with Plan Bs in case a trip doesn't work out?

Anyone who wants to respond can e-mail me directly at cpucci and should include their phone number and the city where they live. I'm especially interested in hearing from people who live in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks in advance. I haven't read your latest posting Re: your trip but am looking forward to it. By the way, our Web site now links to TheTravelzine when my column is searched.

All the best, Carol Pucci