Subject: Re: New Member in Australia wants tips on UK
Ok Cherry,

if you love old stones this one might be another interesting thing for you: About three miles east of Shaftesbury (itself not a bad little town) lies the Old Wardour Castle - can't give you more details for getting there, but I've found it without knowing more. You know the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner? This ruin was used as his father's castle. And it lies quite romanticly in the hillside.

I don't know if you're used to that area at all. If you buy a good map (normally I use the road atlas of the AA) you can also find several points where people in former times carved huge figures in the ground so that the chalkstone (I think) is visible - result are huge white figures (e.g. horses or men) on the hills.

And ok - Stonehenge is not far away (but a lot of people would say, better visit Avebury) and since I'm a big garden fan I'd say Stourhead (famous) and when you get there just in front of it a little garden (to the left I think) called Stourton Manor are well worth a visit. And if you share my passion for gardens - much more to the north (perhaps on the tour back) my favorite at the moment is the Hidcote Manor Garden south of Stratford-upon-Avon.