Subject: Re: New Member in Australia wants tips on UK
Hi Cherry, I was disappointed in Hay-on-Wye. While there were many, many book shops, I really disliked the way so many books were kept outside or under bad conditions. It was, as if to keep the title of town with the most books, they would have books - no matter how tattered, abused, or neglected. I love books yet did not enjoy my visit there. Most of the stores we visited felt like giant garage sales rather than book shops. Maybe we just visited the wrong places.

On a more positive note, there was a wonderful craft cooperative near the main parking area for the town.

I second the suggestion for Tintern Abbey. We were there on a damp, rainy morning and you could just feel the history.

We stayed in B& Bs on our visit to the area and had some wonderful and reasonably priced lodgings.

Enjoy, Janet Riverview, Florida