Subject: Re: United Airlines
Hi all!

We just flew United from Paris to Miami via DC and everything was pretty normal, except, perhaps, the flight crew was even nicer than usual!

We were fogged in in Paris for 2 1/2 hours (not United's fault!) and the captain came around and said hello to everyone while we were parked at the gate. He pinned wings on my 3-year-old son, which made Charlie feel like captain of the plane! (We made up most of the delay and got to Miami only an hour late.)

We're flying United to DC tomorrow, and I return to Paris on United next week, and I expect things to be normal.

As for the future, I'd say for the near term I would expect some flights to be canceled as United determines which routes are unprofitable. Long-term, I would guess United will survive -- or maybe that's a hope. We have lots of frequent flyer miles and we want to be able to use them!

Bons voyages! Evan in Paris (on vacation in sunny and cool south Florida)