Subject: Re: United Airlines
Hello Doug,

>Why do people think United won't be flying next year? I know it's done
>a Chapter 11, but that doesn't mean it's going to disappear.

I realize that they are just getting protection from creditors while they restructure, but I don't know how many companies are successful at turning themselves around when they've gone this far. What steps can they take now to make a profit, that they couldn't have done before things got this bad for them?

I think that Canada3000 declared bankruptcy, which is different from Chapter 11, so the results can be completely different too.

>It's possible the schedule may change. If they dropped the actual
>flight they'd still get your daughter there.

We will hope so and keep watching the news and their website. Let us know how your trip goes, after you get home again.

Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada