Subject: Alaska on Ferries
Hi Ziners,

After an exhausting semester at school, I finally finished all my finals (one was twenty pages of essay in two hours) and am ready to join the living! I mean the traveling!

We are thinking of planning a trip to Alaska, via car. We think we would like to ferry to Victoria from Port Angeles then from the northern tip of Van Island (Port Hardy) to Prince Rupert. From Prince Rupert up the Alaskan Inside Passage to Juneau? My questions are: 1. We want to visit Juneau, Sitka and Glacier Bay, are we missing anything? 2. Where would be go to in order to get to Glacier Bay (what port)? 3. Is 10 days enough time in Alaska? 4. Does any body know the best route to go?

We don't know much about this trip except that we want to do it. Are we crazy to drive rather than cruise? We rather fancy ourselves as adventurers......

Hope everyone is well, and that these holidays are the most joyous ever...

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