Subject: Re: Rome hotels

A couple of years ago we posted our evaluation of the Italian Hotel Star Rating system, and perhaps it might be useful again. It arose out of an extended conversation with the owner of an Italian family run hotel in the outer regions. He explained that each section of each province sets up their OWN rating system, which is why three stars in one city will be so different from three stars in a small town in another province. And, knowing the embedded predilection for bribery, graft and informal arrangements which permeate the country, it is understandable why one would shake their head in amazement in the consistency in the ratings, one hotel to another. So, keeping that in mind, this was the ONLY reliable way of using the Italian Hotel Star Rating system that we have found reliable.

One Star = 3 minutes of hot water in the shower/tub

1* = 3 minutes 2* = 6 minutes 3* = 9 minutes 4*= 12 minutes 5*= 15 minutes

These are MAXIMUM numbers, and regardless of the hotel affiliation, quality or location, we believe the longest period of time you can expect to have HOT water in a shower, anywhere in Italy is 15 minutes. And any other amenities that the hotel might throw in are optional.

Roy, Wanda & Dena Faires Sacramento, CA