Subject: Are you watching your weight?
Hello Voyagers:

Remember the size and weight discussions some months ago? Well, British Airways has just announced new weight limitations on checked baggage. I paraphrase beginning January 1, 2003, customers presenting any single item of hold baggage exceeding 32kg (70 lbs.) will be asked to reduce the weight of the item. Passengers who require one will be offered a bag or container to re-pack their belongings. Our new policy relates only to single items and does not affect your overall baggage allowance, which will remain unchanged. Exceptions will include musical instruments, electric wheelchairs, pets as baggage, sporting equipment, TV news cameras, commercial spares and diplomatic baggage - provided they have been approved and registered for carriage with British Airways at least 24 hours prior to travel.

So, what does this mean? You can still bring your 85 lb. Labrador Retriever, but if your suitcase weighs in at the same weight you will either pay for the excess or split the bag in two.

By the way, 70 lbs is a lot of weight. When Jan and I were in Spain last Fall I thought she was carrying the household silver in her bag. I asked the ticket counter attendant what the weight was and it turned out to be about 40 lbs. I would have sworn it was heavier. I guess the moral is pack light and save both cash and your back.

Tom Packing lighter in Carlisle