Subject: Re: Are you watching your weight?

This response is more to the TSA issue rather than the weight issue.

When you go through the USA airport security remember that not all of the new security equipment has been installed yet. AND even though the personnel have been hired they have not been completely trained on all the new equipment nor the procedures.

Each airport has a security status depending on how much international travel goes through it. This means people as well as freight. So for instance Portland Oregon is a #2 while Anchorage is a #1 because more international freight goes through Anchorage than Portland. Thus Anchorage will get the new equipment & trained personnel before Portland. In fact it is happening as I write this.

What does this mean to us, the traveler? When we get conflicting security checks as we fly domestically we may be hitting airports that are not quite up to speed yet, no fault of theirs, just that their time has not come yet. Patience.

Mary in Oregon Winging to Munich in 7 days. . .Yipee!