Subject: Re: Alaska on Ferries
Hi Ziners,

Thanks everybody for all your great and thought provoking insights. I never realized that taking the car would pose such a hassle since it never seemed much of one throughout the Puget Sound. I did notice how expensive it can be to travel with the car, particularly in Alaska, BC seems much more reasonable.

Can we expect to be able to park our car at the ferry in Post Hardy for a week to 10 days? I hope that, like an airport, this would be an option. That way we can drive from Los Angeles, and up through Vancouver Island so we can re-visit places like Tofino as well as discover new ones on the Island. I expect to make reservations for all the ferry travel on Jan. 1 so hopefully I will have the information I need to do this journey by then!

It seems that we will need to partake in a 1-2 day excursion to see Glacier Bay, has anybody done this and can anybody recommend a good cruise line, we would only want to go on an educational tour, not interested in food and fancy stuff for this trip!

Finally, does anybody have any recommendations for Vancouver Island, or other parts of BC's inside passage? Thanks again and happy holidays,

Amelia Hesson Los Angeles