Subject: Gifts from your travels
Dear Ziners,

Somewhat along the line of what travel gifts we want for Christmas I got to thinking about the Christmas gifts I bring back for friends. I have an annual pre-Christmas brunch for friends a few days before Christmas. I always pack little Christmas sacks full of small items to give my friends, gathered in my travels....miniature music boxes from Chincoteague Isl., VA; bookmarks from the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland; small calendars of every variety from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany; small tiles from the Algarve, Portugal & Turkey; small vases from Sitia, Crete & other Greek Isl.. It is great to talk about traveling to the places & share memories of our travels. Even tho they've graciously sat thro viewing my pictures & heard my initial stories when I came back from my travels, this is a unique sharing time. This is a unique sharing experience.

Anyone else have a Christmas travel gift to others adventure?

Merry Christmas to all Ziners from not quite snowy Central OR

Carol Bailey Madras, OR