Subject: Re: Gifts from your travels
Hello Ziners- Although I only shop when absolutely necessary at home, and my husband even less, shopping is something we both enjoy as part of our travels. We love the food markets, and bring back gifts of vacuum packed Parmigiano Reggiano, provenšal tapenades, & decorative containers of salt from the Camargue in Provence. Christmas ornaments from different countries are also easy to pack. Friends have really enjoyed Pinocchios from Italy and a selection of carved or molded deep red wax ornaments from Vienna. Provenšal lavender sachets, silk scarves, leather gloves, and Florentine paper items from the Florence street markets, and Venetian glass jewelry are other easy-to-carry, well-received gifts. We usually spend a lot of time in one place when we travel, so our shopping is leisurely and part of the fun - and we get it done WAY before Christmas! Happy Holidays- Anne