Subject: Re: Film Locations
Hi Frances - great topic!

When I travelled to NYC with my sister and her husband we had drinks and appetizers up the top of the Rockefeller Centre in the Rainbow Room - Raechel insisted as the view from there was from one of her all-time favourite movies Sleepless in Seattle. The Empire State Building lights were on in red-white-and-blue as we were there over the Labour Day long weekend. And we were lucky enough to score a table (but with a matching nasty waiter) with a view straight out to the Tower. Perfect. Bliss. Raech isn't that thrilled with the Eiffel Tower however - and says that she'll be enamoured with it too if Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks ever meet up there... :)

I've enjoyed checking out locations in Vancouver used in filming TV shows such as Stargate SG-1 and The X-Files.

I actually find that I'm more inclined to rent movies *after* I return that feature places that I've just been to for the I've been there thrill factor! i.e. Presidio after my SanFran trip...

:) Megan Brisbane, Australia