Subject: Re: Film Locations
Hi fellow Ziners

This talk of film locations has made me realise one of the fascinating things that happen when I travel - other friends have commented on it too. It's wonderful to actually see a place or something eg Eiffel Tower in the flesh when you've seen so many images through film and TV. Also the sounds and smells add to the experience - the first time I heard an English police siren in London I said The Bill - a great TV show.

We were watching a Beatles documentary yesterday and having visited Liverpool in May it was fascinating to see places we'd seen and somehow it added another dimension. I loved visiting Portmeirion particularly for the wonderful architectural styles there.

Like Megan I also like to look at the movies after a visit. I have a list of places that are mentioned in favourite books of mine which I try to see wherever possible.

I live in a suburb which has (for Melbourne) old and interesting buildings. The suburb has been 'discovered' by film makers and has starred in quite a few Australian films. One film was interesting as the film makers recreated our small shops and one street into an American country town - I was fascinated with the wall created out of wood and paint to camouflage a house that didn't fit in with the style. So now I can claim I live in a film location!

Cherry on location in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia