Subject: Milan, description of sculpture in fountain at Piazza Castello
Along with being a travelling member of the Travelzine, I am a research librarian. I have a client who is writing a book on art heists. One concerns the former and now deceased Italian Prime Minister, Bettino Craxi who was charged with corruption.

In 1992, during construction for Milan#s subway, the fountain at Piazza Castello removed. Fourteen pieces of pink marble were tagged and stored. In Summer 1995, the centerpiece of fountain turned up missing. According to testimony at trial of former Italian prime minister Bettino Craxi, charged with corruption, centerpiece of fountain is (was) in the garden of Craxi#s villa in Tunisia, where he lived in exile.

I have tried to find some description or picture of this fountain online. My next move is the library, but I wondered if anyone of the listserv had seen this fountain with the sculpture in its entirety and could describe the centerpiece (what it is) for me.

Thank you,

Michele Missner Appleton, Wi.