Subject: Re: Wales and the Lake District

We will also be in the Lakes District and Wales in May. I#ve never been there, but have kept a travel article published recently in our local newspaper recommending The Langstrath Country Inn #as the best country pub and B& B that I have ever stayed in.# You may find these websites helpful:

I#d like to take this opportunity to wish all Ziners a great festive season, and to say thanks for the replies to my earlier questions. We are taking 10 weeks off work in April and doing our first big OE to include South Africa, UK, Europe, the USA and finishing with an Alaskan cruise. So you can imagine that the tips and info that Ziners so freely give has been really helpful in planning our trip. Thanks to you all.

Elizabeth Christchurch, New Zealand where it was 27 degrees Celsius on Christmas Day!