Subject: About train travel
Hello Peter and Ziners:

I'd be interested in knowing some more. I just watched a fascinating documentary on the history of the CPR and how tourism began in Canada, etc. Amazingly enough, someone in Montreal, who had invested in it, spread the word that the air wasn't ideal during the summer. The first outings were to Chambly. The picnic was thus invited. Later, as the railroad spread, trip towards the Eastern Township were very in vogue. It showed the development of North Hatley and Potton, and an island near Orford dubbed Coney Island which somehow got flooded due to modern industry. Later, the Charlevoix region was explored and finally the longer trip moving West, Ottawa and beyond, of course to the Rockies.

Anyway, looking at these incredibly beautiful trains (there was one that was unbelievable called the SooSpokane) made me wonder about travelling by train. My grandparents used to tell me how great it was. However, the one train trip I took (to Ottawa) was just a daytime trip and I was so disappointed to not get to see overnight sleeper and a dining room and all that I'd imagined from watching movies.

Why exactly do you like it so much? Is the price better than airfare? That's one reason I began to wonder. Thanks for the welcome.

Happy holidays, Suzan